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Hi!  Rothenburg was not actually a planned visit, but as we were driving south to Legoland I realized how close it was and thought that it would be a shame not to stop by on the way back.  Stopping in Rothenburg was also a good stopping point for us because it was the halfway point of our drive.  I have actually been to Rothenburg before on my Honeymoon, but that was almost 21 years ago.  So strange to say that because I barely feel over 25 except for the extra few aches and pains in my joints, but not sure how much of that is due to age or Lupus.  Normally, we would spend Sunday morning at church, but we rented a small apartment out in the middle of nowhere and so we didn't really have a congregation nearby to attend.  After taking our time getting up and out the door, we drove the 90 minutes to Rothenburg. The kids found a playground by our parking spot, so we played there first before walking into the old city.  Yes, Rothenburg is super touristy, but it is one of the best-prese…

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